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Tuition and fees

  • What does tuition cover? Tuition at St. Andrew covers most expenses for your child's education: Teacher salary, administration, supplies, and the use of our beautiful facility. 

  • How much does the education truly cost? More than the tuition! The true cost of education is covered in part by generous donors who believe in making our mission available to all, and serving the kingdom of God with their treasure. 

  • Fees: There is an annual enrollment/registration fee to help secure your spot and cover the cost of books and supplies. 

  • Value adds: Any additional fees are typically optional: field trips, hot lunch, used uniforms, yearbooks, after school programs, etc. are all available at cost but parents may opt out. 

  • Options: Families may enroll in one of the following:

    • 5-day, all day

    • 3-day (MWF),

    • 2-day (Tu/Th),

    • a la carte -- one or two classes at a time

    • afternoon only -- one to four enrichments in the afternoon

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