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Student Admissions

Admissions: Admissions

Application Process

Explore our website.  Click "Sign up" for an account on this site to get access to the Current Family Resource site.

Submit inquiry form to request information here.

Set up a campus visit, to meet the Headmaster and take a tour. ( 

For all NEW INCOMING families, set up a meeting with our chaplain:

When ready, Apply through registration link.

Fall 2023 Enrollment Round 1 begins Round 1 Jan 3- Jan 20, 2023. 

Round 2 Apr 26- May 5, 2023

Round 3 July

If admitted, you will receive an offer letter. 

Reply to confirm. Welcome! 

Submit student records

Screening. For NEW INCOMING TK/K age students, complete an in-person screening.

Begin onboarding checklist. ​

Onboarding checklist

Gather supplies, uniforms, and make contact with teachers. 

Read Parent-Student Handbook, the "About" pages on this site, and our history.

Tuition & Scholarships

  • 2023-24 Base Tuition: $6,700 per year, per child (all grades)* 

  • Each new family must meet with the Saint Andrew Chaplain as part of their application/registration process. This includes St. Andrew parishioners, catechumens, Orthodox families, and Protestant or Catholic Christian families.

  • Tuition is billed monthly over 10 months (from August to June). It may be paid in one or two lump sums, if preferred.

We offer... 

  • The St. Andrew Steward Scholarship

  • The Faithful Family Scholarship​​

  • And need-based scholarships

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RETURNING families only

Log in through your Family Portal to re-enroll

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NEW Families only

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Request Information 

Not ready to apply but want to learn more?

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Onboarding process overview

Newly admitted families onboarding

Welcome to Saint Andrew Academy! Here's the process for getting on board.

Step 1: Research and Discuss — get to know the Academy and decide if it's right for your family.

Go to

  1. Visit us in person

    1. Take a tour

    2. Meet with the headmaster

    3. Meet with the chaplain - After setting a tour and meeting date, call our church office at 951-369-0309 (Tue - Fri) or email to make an appointment with our chaplain.

  2. Visit our online portal for Prospective Families

    1. Explore our Mission and Strategy

    2. Meet our Team

    3. Understand our MWF / TTh block schedule

    4. Consider Carpooling Options to reduce commute time

    5. Check out our Tuition and Financial Aid options

    6. For 7th through 12th grade inquiries, check out our Course Offerings

Step 2: Apply

Please check with admin to find out when enrollment windows open and close

  1. Submit an application through

  2. Apply for financial aid, if applicable, at

  3. Read more about St. Andrew Academy on our Family Resource Wiki

    1. Our History

    2. Leadership

    3. Faculty / Staff

    4. Academics

    5. Classical Education

    6. Sports

    7. Dual Enrollment

    8. Tuition

    9. Culture

    10. House System

    11. Church Life

Step 3: Get Ready 

Explore what’s next to prepare for the new school year


    1. Read the Uniform and Dress Code policy.

    2. Shop at Lands’ End for tops with the embroidered school crest School 900195033.

    3. Shop for bottoms, socks, shoes, etc, at Lands’ End, or at your favorite retailer or second hand store.

  1. Review Academic calendar for key dates, days off, start and end to the semesters

  2. Join Telegram ( from your phone for Academy communication -- instantly synced on phone, web, tablet, or desktop app. Here's why:


  3. Send all guardians' phone, email, to be added to our directory:

  4. Read through the Parent Handbook in this site.

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