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Faculty & Staff

The Heart and Soul of the Academy

Meet our Team: Team Members

Cecilia Anderson

Front Desk, Upper school Science

Anderson 2022.JPG

Mary Bordeaux

Transitional Kindergarten


Lindsay Buhler

5-6th grade
Events team, design team


Reader Dionysius (Buhler)

Great Books


Uvon Cisneros

1st-2nd Grade

Cisneros 2022.JPG

Father Jason (Covarrubias)

Great Books, Bible-Catechism


Reader Patrick (Enke)

Upper School Maths


Stephanie Granite

Liturgical Arts, Librarian

Granite 2022.JPG

Rebecca Jenkins

Instructional Specialist

Jenkins 2022.JPG

Adriana Kazanjian

Upper School History, Great Books

Kazanjian 2022.JPG

Ethan Laguna

Upper School Science & Math


Khouria Miray (Katrib)

Upper School Languages


Erin Osadchuk

Writing instructor, Administration

Osadchuk 2022.JPG

Sarah Sandoval

St. Andrew "Littles" Coordinator,
Events Team, Design Team

Sandoval 2022.JPG

Israel Sandoval

Technology, Design, and Processes

Sandoval 202.JPG

Maggie Simmons

3rd-4th Grade

Simmons 2022.JPG

Lauren Simpson


Simpson 2022.JPG

Beverly Sparrow

Instructional Specialist

Sparrow 2022.JPG

Regina Roum

Music / Musical Theater


Erica Reagan

Music, Byzantine Chant


Reader Alexander (Enquist)


Enquist 2022.JPG

Cybil Whittamore

Front Desk, Support team



Guidance, Inspiration and Support

Buhler 2022.JPG

Reader Dionysius


Dr. Keith Buhler is a teacher, a dad, a marathon runner, and wholly dedicated to cultivating a new generation of Orthodox Christian leaders.

Kazanjian 2022.JPG

Adriana Kazanjian

Dean of Operations

MA in American History, all around ninja

Osadchuk 2022.JPG

Erin Osadchuk

Dean of Grammar School

Journalist, cradle Orthodox, early childhood education enthusiast

Meet our Team: Staff
Image by S O C I A L . C U T

Board of Directors

Meet our Team: Team Members

Fr. Josiah Trenham

Director, Chaplain

Jon Brubaker

Director, Board Chair

Presbytera Lauren Covarrubias

Director, Treasurer

John Shannon

Director, Development

Jennifer Kelley

Director, Secretary

Ana Romano

Director, Legal

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